Agape Haven

of Abundance

Providing food security, health education and emotional support services


About Us

Agape Haven of Abundance, Inc. is a small nonprofit organization, 501(c) (3) charity group in Rochester, New York. Agape Haven of Abundance Inc. operates as a Community Outreach Program, rendering charitable services to our local community. Agape Haven of Abundance Inc. serves as a haven of love, hope and refuge. We strive to reduce poverty by providing food security, health education and emotional support services to the disenfranchised population, those stricken by poverty (men, women, and children. We have been commissioned to move with compassion, love our neighbors as ourselves, restore hope to the broken-hearted and be the change we wish to see in the world.



Agape operates as a community outreach program located in the city of Rochester, New York, working with community partners, to meet community needs.


Our mission is to inspire hope, contribute to health and wellbeing and empower
our community to create lasting change.


Our vision is to improve the quality of life of the people we serve by reducing
food insecurity, health disparity and foster upward mobility.

A bit of history

Agape Ministries Inc. was founded in 2005 by Philanthropist Julian and Joan Polidore. The corporation was established in Long Island as a faith base organization, rendering charitable services to the poverty stricken both locally and abroad. The Polidore’s exemplified what it meant to be their brothers keeper and demonstrated their labor of love in the vineyard. As the ministry continued to flourish, they wanted to expand their efforts. Agape Ministries Inc. gave birth to a new chapter in the Upstate, New York Region in 2017. Agape Haven of Abundance Inc. Operates as a community outreach center feeding the hungry, providing refuge to the homeless and empowering the community.

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