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The work that we do.


The work that we do.

Our community base effort is established to meet the needs of the undeserved population, especially women and children. We serve in the capacity of feeding the hungry, providing shelter to the homeless, granting access to resources and mentoring those oppress by the disparity of life. We believe it takes a village to support the positive development of an individual, we work in collaboration with our community partners to serve the disenfranchised population. We empower using a holistic approach which serves to educate the community by providing them with information about crisis intervention, health and wellness, financial literacy and sustainable living. This well rounded program provides socially valid tools, that equips our participants to reach their fullest potential, make positive contributions in society and foster upward mobility.

Public Health Education

The purpose of health education is to positively influence the health behavior of individuals and improve the living conditions that influence their health. Health education improves the health status of individuals and the community. Through a holistic approach we are able to provide information pertaining to health and wellness, sustainable living and financial stability. Public health education teaches information about healthy life choices, socially valid skills which would equip the individual to overcome the destitute of life and mitigate negative health outcomes. We believe when people are educated and empowered they have the right coping mechanisms, they make use of better judgment skills and are free to exercise their rights as valuable citizens to make positive contributions in society.

Clothing House

We collect new to gently used clothing, some household items and hygiene products for women, men and children. Availability of the items are based on the generous donations from our community partners. Poverty inhibits so many individuals to be restricted when it comes to the access of numerous life necessities.

Service Project

Our service project allows each individual to make a positive contribution to society. Whether locally or abroad , we create opportunities for everyone to get involved. We believe, once a person is actively engaged in their community it gives them purpose, a sense of hope, empowers them to make good choices and live a fulfilled lifestyle.

Meal Program

Poverty effects ones access to resources and suitable meals. Individuals living below the poverty line, struggle to maintain a well balance diet on a day to day basis. Food scarcity is very high among families living in low income households. We provide hot meals and groceries to help in the time of need.

Humanitarian Work

Our humanitarian efforts reaches out to both our local community and abroad, rendering charitable services to the community. We are compelled to go into all the world and serve those in need. We are our brothers and sisters keeper. We are the hands and feet to help those in need.

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